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Top 10 Jobs in Demand in Canada With Salary 2019

Top 10 Jobs in Demand in Canada for them Who Immigrate to Canada With Salary 2018: This post is based on the results of the annual study by the Human Resources Company “Randstad Canada”. The company provides the labour market analysis data in Canada. Out of the many different types of jobs, here is the list of top 10 jobs in Canada. This post tells you the list of top 10 Jobs for Indians in Canada with their salaries. And why only Indians, it is for anybody who wishes to immigrate to Canada through Express Entry and looking for job prospects here.

Top 10 Jobs in Demand in Canada for Foreigners With Salary 2018

Job Title Salary (Per Year)
Ganeral Labourer/Staff CAD $15.90-18.39 hourly
Customer Service Representative CAD $37,000-43,000
Sales Representative CAD $52,000-62,000
Accountants CAD $63,000-75,000
Software Engineer CAD $65,000-99,000
Recruiter CAD $70,000-90,000
Construction Project Manager CAD $72,000-92,000
Business Analyst CAD $73,000-83,000
Account Manager CAD $75,000-95,000
IT Project Manager CAD $92,000-114,000

Top 10 and Best Jobs in Demand in Canada for Immigration With Salary 2018

1. General Labourer/Staff
The term is a bit of a grab bag for a variety of different jobs, mostly in manufacturing and logistics.
From cleaning tasks to loading and unloading materials, to general handy word.
Best for first-time immigrants as part-time jobs in Canada
Salary: Hourly pay rate & Usually CAD$15.90-$18.39

2. Customer Service Representative
Point of contact between customer and business making interactions extremely vital for business.
Knowledge of CRM software is a huge advantage. Good choice for a part-time job.
Salary: CAD$37,000-CAD$43,000

3. Sales Representative
Business Counts on talented sales people to move products into customers hand.
B2B salespeople are also in High Demand in Canada.
Salary: CAD$52,000-CAD$62,000 per year

4. Accountants
Apart from filing taxes, they also handle all kinds of other accounting and record keeping tasks. Helping Business and individuals manage their finances.
CPA Designation is the gold standard and can guarantee you steady employment.
Salary: CAD$63,000-CAD$75,000

5. Software Engineer
From desktop software to web applications, to smartphone apps, software engineers handle them all.
High demand as every industry from banking to e-commerce, to the government, and everything in between requires software to function.
Salary: CAD$65,000-CAD$99,000

6. Recruiter
They ensure leading companies are able to find and hire talented employees with the skills and experience they need to grow.
Recruiters are especially in demand in candidate-driven fields like technology and engineering.
Salary: CAD$ 70,0000-CAD$90,000

7. Construction Project Manager
From overseeing the construction of a high-rise condo in Toronto to building a bridge in Halifax to digging a reservoir in Calgary, project managers are on the job.
Federal Government’s push to fund infrastructure and a booming housing market.
Salary: CAD$72,000-CAD$92,000

8. Business Analyst
May be involved in strategic planning, analysis, and optimization of internal business systems, processes and software.
Business analysts require both tech skills and functional know-how.
Salary: CAD$73,000-CAD$83,000

9. Account Manager
Primary point of contact in business to business relationships.
Tasked with keeping existing clients happy, and finding opportunities with potential clients.
Salary: CAD$75,000-CAD$95,000

10. IT Project Manager
Having a background in IT enables them to guide developers, analysts and other tech professionals.
They efficiently manage time, budge and people to complete complex tech projects.
Salary: CAD $92,000-CAD$114,000

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